Today being April 28, 2017 with a cool and calm atmosphere in Lasgidi. Been at home all day, literally praying and fasting for nysc to post me to my desired state. Hopefully i won’t pee in my pants when i’m about to print my call-up letter…Hehehe.

Three weeks to Nysc deployment, i’m bored out of my mind.. Suddenly, my phone rings. It’s a job offer for the position of a digital media manager in a branding company. I am confused as to accepting the offer or not. I finally decide to think about it. Call ends…
Gbam!..An idea comes popping. A blog!!!
Reluctantly i google the process involved in owning a blog, its requirements, as well as the rewards(biko, that’s the koko)…and finally, here we are!!! A blog about life experiences and stories.
See you soon…Love you…*kisses*