Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to my Parents


Yayyyyyy…. My parents celebrated their silver jubilee wedding anniversary last week. So sorry i’m just letting y’all know, I am not the “Megaphone” type. Don’t expect pictures either o.

Five quick facts about them:
1. Their nicknames are Tom and Jerry (they pray, laugh, eat, and yess…. fight together). These nicknames were given to them by my big brother.
2. They both love God crazily (that’s why I’m still this sane….Una sabi sef)
3. They are each other’s aproko partner(chooiii….they can gossip for Africa, even upto the extent of being late for work).
4. They are both last borns(Maybe that’s why they are so compatible…abeg me sef dey find any single guy wey be lastborn o)
5. They are both using the same phone model (the only difference is that Mum’s phone is gold in colour, while that of Dad is black).


So to the womb that bore Tee(My one and only brother) & I and the hands that nurtured us:

“25 years is a long time. And I thank God that He has kept you both through thick and thin even as you help each other achieve your goals. Your shared laughter, your shared companionship and love, even shared fights never ceases to amaze me. I pray that your union and love for each other grows stronger, bigger and wider. May you never cherish memories of the past. Rather, you will have bigger, happier and more glorious days ahead. Your love for each other has made my life and  that of my brother happy and bright. I pray that as you have groomed us and made us blossom, may you live tremendously long to enjoy  the fruits of our enlargement and expansion. HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY”

Tee & I love you to the moon 🌙 and back.😘😘😘