Modern day Slavery


Waking up with thoughts of the lastest events unfolding around the globe. The most disturbing of all is the “Slave trade in Libya”. I see various fb posts, tweets, whatsapp updates as well as blog topics on the issue. No need telling the story again, it is all over social media.

Truth be told, every evil perpetrated is as a result of ‘Lack of love’. God was right by giving us a new commandment which according to the book of first John chapter 3 verse 23 says “….Love one another…”.


Starting from the family level, some parents show the greatest love towards the most brilliant child in d family, because they believe he/she is the star of the family.
In the marriage arena, love exists only at the initial stage of the marriage. But as soon as kids are involved, husbands and wives become housemates.

Moving to the learning environment, some teachers only show love to the rich and wealthy kids in school. Their belief is that on visiting days, the parents of those kids in return will enrich their pockets.

The Political arena: Politicians aim for leadership positions not for the sole purpose of serving the nation but to acquire money through bribery and corruption.

To crown it all, in the holiest place of all -house of God- people give to God because they want the blessings of God in return and not because they love God.


Love is paramount. Kids should be taught to love everyone irrespective of who they are or what they have. Recently I read a story about a Girl Child activist arrested in Lagos for enslaving a 10-year-old girl by subjecting the girl to untold hardship, beating and also denying her education. What a Irony!
Love should be preached and practised as well. Someone once told me that ‘Love is a commitment’ -that says it all. And that is why i am posting this with a 6% battery.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I’d like to end with this question: When have you ever shown love without expecting anything in return?
P.S: Feel free to comment. Will be glad to read your comments.


The Unending Preacher Man


Finally I’m back to the city of Lagos. I love travelling especially on sundays…that traffic-free highway feeling.
My lazy ass refused to go to church. I didn’t know God had secretly meted out my deserved punishment to me.

As usual, i boarded a bus from Oau campus gate(as i have been doing for the past uncountable years now). Without wasting my precious time, the bus was filled and the three hours journey began.
Within five of the journey, a man (directly behind me) said words of prayer to which everyone chroused ‘Amen’. We all thought that was going to be end,since this was the usual practice.

After the prayer session, the man further went on to imploy passengers to praise God and he said a statement i hate to reckon with “Let’s be in the mood of worship”. What!! Why else was i created? I was made to worship him. That’s who i am. Well, I’m starting to sound like a preacher myself. So, i quietly let that statement slid(as if i had a choice, sef). After about twenty minutes, the worship and praise session ended. I breathed a sigh of relief and silently munched the words “Thank you Father”.

Suddenly, i heard the voice like the sound of a mighty rushing wind. Lo and behold, it was our “Daddy in the Lord” preaching. Holy mother of mary!!! What I do? “Father, please let this cup pass over me…I repent of all my sins..i promise to always keep the Sabbath day holy” Nevertheless, God’s will had to be done.


The preaching continued alongside the journey. Thirty minutes passed…One hour went by, our ‘Daddy G.O’ was now in the spirit. He kept speaking the words endlessly and passionately with adorning bible verses…
Not long after, i developed headache not because of the unceasing preaching but because of the pitch and Timbre of his voice. Even the wife of our Daddy G.O was fast asleep.

Finally brethren, after an hour and thirty minutes, the conclusion of the church session was said and we said the grace literally. I felt like jumping. I could see the host of heaven congratulating me as I finished the race in good faith.

ZZZ -Zzzz-ZZzzz – hngGGggh -Ppbhww – zZZzzzZZ”
I turned around and behold Daddy G.O was fast asleep😴 and sonorously snoring….Truly, he is a witness of Christ even to the uttermost part of the earth🌍. I jejely inserted my earpiece into my ears. God be praised!!!

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to my Parents


Yayyyyyy…. My parents celebrated their silver jubilee wedding anniversary last week. So sorry i’m just letting y’all know, I am not the “Megaphone” type. Don’t expect pictures either o.

Five quick facts about them:
1. Their nicknames are Tom and Jerry (they pray, laugh, eat, and yess…. fight together). These nicknames were given to them by my big brother.
2. They both love God crazily (that’s why I’m still this sane….Una sabi sef)
3. They are each other’s aproko partner(chooiii….they can gossip for Africa, even upto the extent of being late for work).
4. They are both last borns(Maybe that’s why they are so compatible…abeg me sef dey find any single guy wey be lastborn o)
5. They are both using the same phone model (the only difference is that Mum’s phone is gold in colour, while that of Dad is black).


So to the womb that bore Tee(My one and only brother) & I and the hands that nurtured us:

“25 years is a long time. And I thank God that He has kept you both through thick and thin even as you help each other achieve your goals. Your shared laughter, your shared companionship and love, even shared fights never ceases to amaze me. I pray that your union and love for each other grows stronger, bigger and wider. May you never cherish memories of the past. Rather, you will have bigger, happier and more glorious days ahead. Your love for each other has made my life and  that of my brother happy and bright. I pray that as you have groomed us and made us blossom, may you live tremendously long to enjoy  the fruits of our enlargement and expansion. HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY”

Tee & I love you to the moon πŸŒ™ and back.😘😘😘

Sacrifice of Rice

5am…Alarm rings..grrrhhh. It’s a sunday morning..Time to cook, English service is by 6:30am while Yoruba service is by 9am…As a Steward, i must attend both services…Annoying,right?..I know..
With the help of the holy angels i force my eyes open, placed the pot containing rice and water(whose quantity is proportional to that of the ocean) on the gas cooker which is at its highest heat level(hopefully, we wont eat burnt offering by the time i revisit the kitchen)..I know you are silently querying my actions…well the simple response is this “no time to check time for this kind life wey time no dey”.

Now, m off to bed for just ten minutes sleep with one eye open..don’t worry i will be my own watchman and mind you, my left eye is open…moreover, I trust the host of heaven to watch over my “living,holy and acceptable sacrifice of rice” . 

NEWS FLASH: Today is Love Feast in church

My Famous Boo

ME: (Yawns Tiredly)

BOO: Hello bae

ME: Hiya boo boo

BOO: Finally you are awake after sleeping for such long hours.

ME: Haba, it’s not my fault…After all the dancing, singing and gymnastics with you all night, at your place.

BOO: Well, that’s true..Anyways, how has your weekend been?

ME: (confidently) Awesome…the usual turnup nah. Trust me no dulling

BOO: Really, oya roll the gist.

ME: (Excited) Well, i slept from 5am till 10am…Brushed, took my bath and ate till 11am…Surfed the internet till 12pm…Slept again from 12pm till 4pm…Gisting with you now..

BOO: (rolls eyes) Seriouslyyyy….Awesome???

I know y’all wondering who the ‘famous boo’ is. Y’all know him but you haven’t got the slighest idea about him being my boo. 

Well, he is committed, dependable, dignified, exalted, faithful, funny, highly placed, influential, popular,  powerful, reliable, wealthy, and respected…

Now, unto the next one- the physical attributes. That’s what you’ve been waiting for…chaaiii, 21st century creatures. Well, he’s got a nice set of abs, wide and strong shoulders, ripped and tapered back, defined and strong arms, chiseled chest, compassionate and mature look, powerful hands, facial and bodily symmetry. He is of a very fair and clear complexion, with a long beard as white as milk – a very handsome man – tall and slender. He’s got eyes that can bring you to your knees like that of Bradley Cooper..

I know i’ve got you drooling over this mouth-watering masterpiece…And to crown it all he is well spoken of, even by God.

Does this quote sound familiar…”This is my beloved son in whom i am well pleased”…Yayyyy, that’s my boo…JESUS!!! And the all night gymnastics at his place refers to the usual friday church vigil. 

                         (runs away)