My Nysc Camp Experience part 1


After many months of prayer and fasting. The good news finally arrived. I couldn’t sleep due to anxiety. Thankfully, Bestie and I were posted to south west. Ondo state to be precise(our exact choice)…Yayyy, i rolled on the ground severally immediately i saw it… The journey to camp was about six hours despite the fast and furious driver we had.

On getting to camp, my loads were searched for contrabands as they call it.Trust me(as per good citizen), none was found in my possession. In the process of the search, i forgot the small bucket(which i bought at a ridiculous price) at the security post. We were asked to go to our rooms to drop our loads(they were quite considerate). After this, registration began. Omo, see queue.
Well, well, being a Queen 👑, a gentleman allowed me to stand before him and in no time, i was through with stage 1 with so much ease and comfort. Stage 1 involved screening of credentials.


Moving on to stage 2(biometrics screening), a large crowd was sitted patiently in the so called multipurpose hall. The same gentleman offered me his seat. Trust me, i jumped at the offer without wasting time. Although, i had to give him my number, but trust me Lagos babe i know how to get guys(that i have no interest in) off my back. Hopefully he wouldn’t get to read this post.

Unfortunately i wasn’t opportuned to complete my registration after sitting at a spot from 2pm to 10pm. In addition, i ate a very cold plate of rice at mammy market at a high price. I purged all night and ended up pleading to Baba God to teleport me back to my Father’s house. An empty wish.
God bless Naija anyways!!!