Help!!!! I Need Your Advice


Currently posting this story from a bike seat. Endurance, they say, is the key. A quick rewind to how it all started.

So, i went out today to get some minor things. On my way back, at the busstop, i did a quick survey of the bike men properly in order to avoid being thrown like a javelin into the bush by bike men that are in the upper room speaking in other tongues as a result of alcohol and cigarettes. Thankfully i sighted an old bikeman who looked sane but eventually turned out not to be. We agreed on the fare and took off.

Zoom…… Zoom…. Zoom
We got to the street opposite my house gate. Only for this sane looking but mentally insane man to drop me directly on the road that divides my house from the next street despite the fact that the gate was wide open..All, he had to do was drive into the compound. My blood boiled.

Trust me to escort him to the point of being dragged in the mud. I respectfully told him to drive into the compound, this old man declined and started throwing insultive words at me..With all Joy and fulfilment, I removed his ignition key and sat confidently on the bike without uttering a word. Ever since he has been screaming his guts out while i am busy blogging.


But i have a very minor issue and i need your advice. A heavy truck seems to be coming towards our direction, should i alight from the bike or stay and fight for my right like our Mummy Oby Ezekwesili?