Modern day Slavery


Waking up with thoughts of the lastest events unfolding around the globe. The most disturbing of all is the “Slave trade in Libya”. I see various fb posts, tweets, whatsapp updates as well as blog topics on the issue. No need telling the story again, it is all over social media.

Truth be told, every evil perpetrated is as a result of ‘Lack of love’. God was right by giving us a new commandment which according to the book of first John chapter 3 verse 23 says “….Love one another…”.


Starting from the family level, some parents show the greatest love towards the most brilliant child in d family, because they believe he/she is the star of the family.
In the marriage arena, love exists only at the initial stage of the marriage. But as soon as kids are involved, husbands and wives become housemates.

Moving to the learning environment, some teachers only show love to the rich and wealthy kids in school. Their belief is that on visiting days, the parents of those kids in return will enrich their pockets.

The Political arena: Politicians aim for leadership positions not for the sole purpose of serving the nation but to acquire money through bribery and corruption.

To crown it all, in the holiest place of all -house of God- people give to God because they want the blessings of God in return and not because they love God.


Love is paramount. Kids should be taught to love everyone irrespective of who they are or what they have. Recently I read a story about a Girl Child activist arrested in Lagos for enslaving a 10-year-old girl by subjecting the girl to untold hardship, beating and also denying her education. What a Irony!
Love should be preached and practised as well. Someone once told me that ‘Love is a commitment’ -that says it all. And that is why i am posting this with a 6% battery.😂😂😂
I’d like to end with this question: When have you ever shown love without expecting anything in return?
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