Happy Eid mubarak to my muslim friends and loved ones. Today being a public holiday, i decided to stroll around Lagos a bit. Although i wasn’t involved in the fasting, but i can help out with the meals. Am i FFO?

So, I boarded a bus to my supposed destination. Along the way, we got to a traffic light and obeyed the red signal. Then, i sighted a muslim man, he had a problem with one of his legs. He was obviously on his way to mosque. He didnt look like the rich or comfortable nigerian. Suddenly, he saw a lame beggar ahead of him and gave alms unto the man and went his way.

Something struck me. If a one-legged man can still remember to give to a lame person out of the little he had, how much more a healthy human being. This act of kindness was done as a way of giving thanks unto the Almighty God.


To all my muslim friends on this remarkable day, even out of the little you have, there is still so much more to give. Remember your situation isn’t the worst there is. GIVE FREELY AND WHOLEHEARTEDLY !!!


Author: loluwafabs

I am Awesome

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